M.App X - A Revolutionary Solution for GEOINT Users

Hexagon Geospatial’s M.App Enterprise provides a unified geospatial platform that enables users to create applications that suit the specific needs and requirements of all users; from managers to GIS experts and field workers. M.App Enterprise caters to large-scale deployments and features an architecture that utilises a centralized GIS for all stakeholders to work collaboratively.

A critical question driving the choice of geospatial technologies within the defence sector has always been, how to get critical information to those who need it most? With developments in cloud computing and Software-as-a Service platforms military personnel are now able to access imagery data and derived intelligence directly through secure online visual intelligence platforms, only needing a browser to do so. Users can then interrogate this imagery through the platform or receive specialised analytics. This evidence-based insight enables better informed decisions and can deliver a telling military advantage.

Delineate areas of interest and feature count – shown in M.App X dashboard

Delineate areas of interest and feature count – shown in M.App X dashboard

M.App X, Hexagon Geospatial’s military cloud-based image exploitation platform is the most evolved solution providing this functionality, allowing both deployed personnel and distributed decision makers to disseminate, share and collaborate on GEOINT projects. Highly flexible, with unique capabilities allowing the rapid development of specific data processing and analytics flowlines that can be easily distributed. M.App X enables relevant information to be created and delivered - when and where it’s needed most

M.App X is an enterprise solution that fosters geospatial tradecraft creation, common usage and secure sharing of the latest intel; ultimately making the latest information and functionality accessible to those who need it most, wherever they are deployed. Built on Hexagon Geospatial’ s decades of experience in providing ERDAS IMAGINE’s image analysis capabilities, M.App X contains industry-specific tools and workflows for the GEOINT community and security organisations.

Hexagon Geospatial’s spatial modelling architecture is at the heart of M.App X. A revolutionary approach to visual programming, spatial modelling provides near-immediate feedback and previews for analysing data while taking location into account. M.App X enables analysts to graphically model raster, vector, and point cloud processing workflows to create automated processes that can be executed rapidly and securely. The solution ultimately delivers integrated information products that ensure the right individuals can make timely decisions.

Display, query and edit features from a WFS-T source

Display, query and edit features from a WFS-T source

Capturing geospatial tradecraft and sharing it as dynamic services across the organisation is easy in M.App X. Image exploitation processes are performed on the M.App X server and displayed to the end user in a rich web-based client application, eliminating the need for constant upkeep of multiple individual computing workstations, in which each must process data.

Why choose M.App X to deliver GEOINT?

  1. Immediate savings – Unified and centralized software management reduces administrative costs. Licensing costs are also reduced as M.App X provides all the core requirements in a single platform.
  2. Faster decision making – M.App X’s unique spatial data modelling environment provides near-immediate feedback and previews so you can analyse and geo-fuse data and events in real time to provide actionable intelligence.
  3. Customisable experience – The geoprocessing environment is also extensible, allowing domain experts to plug in their best-practice capabilities within a common user experience.
  4. Efficient use of system resources – This cloud-based technology helps defence agencies move away from expensive legacy applications and hosting, providing robust support for remote and mobile users.
  5. Disseminate and share easily – Field-workers and decision makers can share intel and collaborate on projects through cloud-based technology.

In summary, M.App X incorporates all the geospatial and imagery analysts requirements in a streamlined, easy-to-use environment; simplifying the viewing, analysis, and reporting of geospatial information. It offers simplified data access, defence workflows, and on-premises (private cloud) or public cloud hosting to provide centralized storage and computation. All the required geospatial software for a defence user is consolidated in one place, greatly simplifying version management and control. The rich web-based client runs in modern browsers, and the workstations deployed can range from desktop to laptop to tablet.

Export your data analysis in M.App X’s report functionExport your data analysis in M.App X’s report function

For more information on M.AppX visit our website or contact us at hello@geospatial-insight.com to arrange a technical consultation.

About the Author: Kevin Porter

Kevin is a retired Military Geospatial Officer who commanded a Squadron at the Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre (JARIC) and was the Staff Office to the Director of Military Survey at the Defence Geographic Imagery Intelligence Agency (DGIA.) Kevin left the Army in 1998 to join GDE Systems in San Diego as their Director European Business Development which was acquired by Marconi in 1999 and then by British Aerospace in 2000 becoming part of the Information Systems Sector in BAE Systems North America. In 2003 Kevin joined the C4ISR Group reporting to the Group Managing Director. He was responsible for developing the Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) domain and providing the liaison to the Information Systems Sector in North America, where he retained the Director for European Business Development role. In 2005 Kevin joined Integrated System Technologies (Insyte) as Director Market Development and Sales Joint looking after the ISTAR, Joint, Air, CVF, JSF and Simulation and Training domains. Kevin held a number of Director and VP roles in the Information sector before leaving BAE Systems in 2012 to join EADS as the Director for Business Development UK. In 2014 he took over the role as Director Business Development Middle East Airbus Defence and Space before leaving Airbus in 2016. After 3 years working in the Cyber Domain in the City of London, Kevin returned to Geospatial Intelligence as a consultant to Geospatial Insight and Terra Motion.

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