The Only European Satellite-Sourced Retail Indicator


Geospatial Insight today announces the launch of RetailWatch, the first-to-market retail indicator using satellites to monitor the financial performance of major out-of-town retailers across Europe. 

Developed with the support of a European Space Agency Kickstart project specifically to optimise and validate European equity trading strategies, RetailWatch provides traders with a new source of consumer footfall insight, for example to provide insights ahead of corporate announcements. 


Derived from access to a global network of satellites, RetailWatch utilises satellite imagery and artificial intelligence to produce structured daily data counts reflecting consumer footfall across 20 European countries, representing 38 major store brands and 14 equity tickers.

In-house geospatial analysts and machine learning engineers collate and structure data-sets to provide actionable metrics which traders, hedge funds, analysts and commercial entities can act on as a standalone data-set, or alongside other financial, market and alternative data.

Commenting on the launch, Product Lead for RetailWatch at Geospatial Insight - Steve Wilcockson: 

“RetailWatch is a first-of-its-kind solution that addresses a gap for unbiased, analytical metrics of the European retail sector derived from visual intelligence.  Monitoring fluctuations in consumer activity through car counting provides proactive analysis of retailer and sector performance which enables analysts and traders to rapidly respond to, evaluate and validate significant changes affecting specific retailers and retail sectors. This ultimately produces more accurate estimate revisions, sales forecasts and stock price direction.”


About the Author: Steve Wilcockson

At Geospatial Insight, Steve is Product Manager for RetailWatch, a consumer sentiment analysis dataset and drives client-facing activities in the financial services segment for all Geospatial Insight products. Steve was formerly Global Industry Manager for Financial Services at the engineering software company MathWorks, developers of MATLAB™, where Steve worked in the field for over 20 years among model builders and implementers such as quants, quant developers, economists, actuaries, algo traders, portfolio managers and risk managers. Steve has a masters degree in Geography from the University of Cambridge and the University of British Columbia

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